STEAM Grant Awards 2013-14

The following East Side teachers were awarded STEAM grant funding for the 2013-14 school year:

  • William Cavada (Mt. Pleasant) — Mutimedia & Music Dept Collaboration
  • Debra Dimas (Santa Teresa) — Making It Real
  • Mike Gomez (W.C. Overfelt) — Tech In Music
  • Wei Li (Independence) — Lie Detector
  • Brandon Lo (Yerba Buena) — Super Hero Lighting
  • Doug Miller & Team (Evergreen Valley) — Start-up Prototyping: Product Developlment w/ 3D Printer
  • Rebecca Palmer (Mt. Pleasant) — How the Human Eye and the Mechanical Lens Work Similar to Perceive
  • Mary Pollett (Yerba Buena) — iPads in the Classroom
  • Ian Tippetts (Piedmont Hills) — The Science of Color Theory

The awardees were honored at the East Side Foundation’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Nov. 2, 2013.

Here’s what some of our grantees have reported back:

Debra Dimas, Santa Teresa
We are currently in the 4th week of a 6-week build cycle. The students have prototyped the robot’s shooter, harvester — which will pick up huge exercise balls — and drive train — which will have a transmission and two gears for low and high speeds. Hopefully, they will have a fully-functional robot within the next two weeks so the programmers can work on their vision recognition to know when to shoot a lit target.

Mary Pollett, Yerba Buena
Thank for giving our students opportunities to enhance learning mathematics with the help of technology such as graphing calculators and iPads. A majority of our students agree that technology helps them learn faster and earn better grades. In addition, many of them want to see more technology used in classroom and have a desire to learn more about it. Since only two iPads were available, they were rotated over a two-day lesson to give all students opportunities to access them. Students were deeply engaged in this work. I’m collaborating with other teachers on site to plan more lessons using technology to better serve our students.

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